Rihanna replies to the idiots calling her fat (plus bts at her new video shoot!)

So RiRi has gained a little weight… WHO CARES? SHE STILL LOOKS FIRE!! Well apparently some idiot sports blogger in the US decided to write a blog about Rihanna getting ‘fat’...
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  • 29 Aug

VMA 2016 Highlights

Every Stylish Woman Needs a Little Black Dress…..

In history Black clothing was associated with death, mourning, witch craft and mystery but that all changed when Coco Chanel used it in fashion and the little black dress was born. Her inten...

Rihanna’s New Shoes

Although she looks absolutely stunning, I don’t think my nan would approve of Rihanna’s new coat and how she wears it. The Alexander McQueen piece was worn as part of a photo shoot by Craig McDean ...
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