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What every woman wants on Valentines Day..... - Good Nights Out
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  • 1st February, 2019 | 3255 views

What every woman wants on Valentines Day…..

6 Things that women really want this Valentines day

So its that time of year where men start panicking about what to get the other half for Valentines day and yes men do really leave it this late. So all you fellas still struggling for that gift idea to put you in the good books till..well at least a week lol. Read on….

Valentine roses

Flowers – an oldie but a goodie just about makes the list as this is the least you can do for your women on Valentines day. Try not to pick up the half dead bunch from the petrol station either, and if you are going to get flowers at least write something good on the card.


Made to feel special – Why not reenact your first date that’s when you made the most effort with her remind her of how charming you were back then, that’s if it was a good one…..If not book a massage no woman would oppose that and it’s the ultimate in pampering and a great way to get her turned on and relaxed for evening off love making.


Man Kissing Woman's Neck

A good night out – Start at a nice classy bar with a few cocktails. Remember take a taxi because this is a day when you both get to enjoy the night. Then move onto a club there’s nothing more sexual than alcohol induced dancing, while getting hot and sweaty with your partner. Your hormones will naturally build up until the tension becomes too much and your soon on the way home. Ready for a night of pure passion.

will jada beach

Take her away from it all – If you and your partner have kids just taking her away whether it’s a romantic get away if you can afford it or night out at a swanky restaurant. As long as she is away from the normal routine you should score good points here. But it’s important that it’s something totally different from your normal haunts. So all you tracksuit warriors put on a suit and find somewhere fancy for the missus

fine carribean food

Food Food and food – nothing says I love you like a dinner carefully crafted by yourself with love. Pull out the stops and have at least 3 course of her favourite foods. If you can nail this you probably wont ever have to cook again this year. Make sure you set the mood, light some candles get some flowers and play some sexy slow jams. No woman will complain at this.

couple in bed

Finally at No 1 what all women want on Valentines day (and this may surprise some) is SEX! A whopping 40% of British females in a relationship placed bedroom action at the top of their Valentine’s wish list, ahead of everything other than a card.

And the poll also found that a lusty 12% of ladies “expected sex more than once in the same night” on the most romantic evening of the year. So make sure you bring you’re A game lads as this is what women expect on Valentines day. I guess that’s why Viagra also begins with a V …. Have fun guys

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