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Usain Bolt gives Olympic donations to former school - Good Nights Out
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  • 27th August, 2016 | 1800 views

Usain Bolt gives Olympic donations to former school

Usain Bolt is not only a great athlete but a great person aswell

Reports state that this week the Treble Treble Olympic champion has donated all of his earnings to his former school William Knibb Memorial in Falmouth, Jamaica. That’s a massive $20 million

This donation is to help the school’s athletic programs, according to the Jamaica press. The programs were in danger because of financial cuts. Not only has Bolt promised money he has stated he will attend the school once a month to help inspire young athletes.

This is not the first time Bolt has made significant donations to charity and those in need.

Usain Bolt has donated significant amounts of money to similar efforts,

In 2015, Bolt gave $1.3 million to his former high school along with soccer and cricket gear. He’s provided the school with track and field equipment since he signed with Puma in 2002.

Bolt opened a multi-sport playing field in Jamaica, raised funds for pediatric cardiac surgeries and partnered with Samsung to provide photography workshops to students.

He even paid for a $4 million renovation to a local health center using the proceeds from a party he threw to celebrate breaking the 100-meter world record.

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