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Tyrese Airs it All Out on Instagram
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  • 4th November, 2017 | 2962 views

Tyrese Airs it All Out on Instagram

It’s sad to see Tyrese need to share his troubles on Instagram and shows the dangers of social media in this day age.


Tyrese has been in he spotlight since he famously sang on the back of a bus for Coca Cola. The actor and singer has graduated from bus to muscle car as he stars in one of the most successful

Film  franchise fast and furious but success has brought troubles to Tyrese recently culminating in a concerning Instagram post this week.

On Wednesday evening Tyrese repeatedly cried “don’t take my baby” “I’m not doing anything illegal,” he said in the increasingly emotional and expletive-laden footage.

He then went to Facebook with a video that stated that  the actor-singer said that he last saw his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, two months ago, accused his ex-wife of making him unemployable and declared that his legal fees are adding up to $13,000 a month. He then accused  his wealthy friends o of leaving him him in the lurch and not  listening to him.

On Thursday posted a prayer while he was on the way to court with his wife who he split from in 2009. Norma had also accused him of physical abusing their daughter with a viscous beating a charge that has subsequently been dropped after fierce denials from Tyrese

Tyrese instagram rants
Tyrese Instagram Rant

The “Sweet Lady” singer has now appeared to of reconcile his differences with Johnson,

In an Instagram post that he promised would be his last about Johnson, Gibson said he had “a real heart to heart” with one of Johnson’s associates and added that director Justin Lin will return as director of the upcoming films.


This was 50 Cents response to Tyrese instagram rants.  He was less than sympathetic as he has had a recent spat with Tyrese over Taraji (Cookie) in regards to his rivalry with the Empire TV series

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