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The Real Reason She Wants a Man From Brum - Good Nights Out
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  • 19th January, 2016 | 5300 views

The Real Reason She Wants a Man From Brum


We all know about the single SHE WANTS A MAN FROM BRUM released by Safone which features some of Birmingham’s  heavy weights such as Trilla, Bomma b and Pressure HOWEVER …… We want to know why on earth!!! Ladies would drive those extra miles to link a guy from Birmingham aka Brum aka 0121.

Ok you get my point now, don’t you ? …..well I went on a mission to find out the TOP 5 reasons why a women will drive, catch a train or coach to meet a guy in the second city Birmingham.

I would like to thank all of the UK listeners who tuned in to Rena sparks sing along Sundays on  Hot 92 9am -12pm and helped put the top 5 together.
After  all the arguments, debates, blood; sweat and tears….. We finally have the official top 5
In no particular order I reveal the top 5 reasons ……… WHY SHE WANTS A MAN FROM BRUM

DUM ….DUM…..DUM….. drum roll please

  1. When she leaves her city she is allowed to be the freak she always wanted to be..and when she returns it would be her dirty secret
  2. Women love to feel protected by a Birmingham bad boy (she doesn’t want a wimp)
  3. Birmingham accent is like music to a woman’s  ears
  4. Birmingham is the easiest location to get to travel wise in the country, Birmingham men appeal to northerners and southerners women.
  5. BIRMINGHAM men have pretty money 
Now there you have it !!!! We would love to know your opinion do you agree? Or would you like to differ please email info@goodnightsoutuk.com with your comments and the best one will feature in the follow up, do remember the top 5 was produced by the general public!!!.
So hope you enjoyed  and until next time  ….good bye for now
Source : Rena sparks (Entrepreneur  and Hot 92 DJ)
Catch her breakfast radio show every Sunday 9am -12pm on hot 92 FM or on tune in radio
See SafOne perform the track live this Saturday 23rd at Myyst as part of GNO January.


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