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The Perfect Guy - is it perfect? - Good Nights Out
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  • 30th November, 2015 | 2863 views

The Perfect Guy – is it perfect?


The Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy throws together some of the hottest cast members in film history : Sanaa lathan defies her age at 44 and we also have two chocolate brothers of variety to “admire”.  Morris Chestnut the non committal ex boyfriend and Michael Ealy the “Perfect Guy” turned nutter.  So what about the film some of you are asking.

Directed by David M Rosenthal (Menace 2 Society) the movie centres on a love triangle that turns deadly with Ealys character Carter transforming into a menace from the perfect guy. A subject that handled correctly could evoke enough emotion to keep you riveted, however the movie trundles along scene after scene without quite kicking in as Carter goes all Single White Female on Latham’s character Leah. This thriller isn’t menacing enough to be remembered apart from its good looking cast which makes it worth a watch. The Perfect guy was the top film upon its release in the states so maybe even worth a sequel.The Perfect Guy is available in UK cinemas now.

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