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That Wedding Dress - Where to get one just like it? - Good Nights Out
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  • 3rd March, 2016 | 3169 views

That Wedding Dress – Where to get one just like it?

Sometimes the strangest things go viral on the internet. Who remembers that hideous dress that appeared white & gold to some and black & blue to others? Yeah, that annoying thing!

Well, this week another dress has taken the internet by storm; but this one is definitely worthy of being an internet phenomenon. The halter-neck, lace gown is fitted and finely detailed. It’s coming into wedding season and this dress has appeared all over social media with many people asking if this would be appropriate to walk down the aisle in? While others are asking where do you get a masterpiece like this from?

wedding dress 2

GoodNightsOut got on the case and have managed to track down the origins of the dress. An amazing Australian fashion designer called Leah Da Gloria is responsible for the beautiful piece.

Graduating from the Sydney Institute of Design in 2007, Leah has worked within the Fashion Industry refining her skills and gaining experience at some of Australia’s most distinguished labels. Officially launching in 2012 with her first solo collection, Leah hopes to make her mark in the Australian fashion industry with a unique, modern and sophisticated take on custom made Event and Bridal gowns.

See more from Leah here Leah Da Gloria

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 06.21.33

If you are interested in this particular dress it is selling for £8000 Australian dollars which works out to £4000 pounds. So if you are looking for that dress to make your husband to be come to tears. Click on the link.

Check it out here 

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