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Summer Festival Survival guide - Good Nights Out
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  • 11th June, 2016 | 2380 views

Summer Festival Survival guide

It’s that time of year when there is a festival every weekend. If your planning on going to a Glastonbory V, Download or Wireless. Read this list to ensure you have the best time possible


A Plan

So you have taken the plunge got a ticket, travelled to the far nether regions of the country all with the idea of seeing your favourtie artist or bands.   You may sit at home with an idea of visiting every stage at Glastonbury, Wireless or Parklife but in reality that isn’t going to happen. You may need a toilet break, your friend wants to get food etc etc. Plan wisely decide who you definitely want to see who you don’t mind missing and who you would avoid.

Clash finder is a great little site to see where clashes may occur click here


Tile – Bluetooth tracker

Losing things at a festival is no fun at all and can actually ruin your weekend.

But get yourself a Tile and you can attach it to your bag and track it using Bluetooth technology.  Not only that you can use the app to link your friends phones so you don’t have to spend half your day looking for them either. The smart features allows you to link as many tiles and phones as you like perfect for when you can’t get any signal so you can track your friends via Bluetooth and even find your own phone if it goes missing. Find out how to get one here



Some festivals can become sweaty mud pits especially in the UK, Babywipes are great to give your self a wipe not exactly a shower but a good alterative. Don’t forget hand sanitizer and toilet roll too. It’s always good to be prepared as the portaloos can get messy and lacking of essential tools. So bring your own


Battery Charger

Have you ever spent all day at a festival then  got to the headline act that  you love  and you can’t phone your friends who have wondered off, can’t whatsapp mum to say you’re having fun and worst of all can’t take any pictures or videos to upload to instagram , all because your Phone battery is dead. Get your self a Powerbank battery charger and have the ability to charge your phone on the go. Whether you are there for a day or three days this is an essential piece of kit. This one even has a torch. Find out more here


Weather protection

Shockingly, it is possible that there’ll be a little sun this summer — even whole days of it. Since you’ll be spending most of the day outside, it wouldn’t hurt to but a bit of sunscreen on — in fact, it could save you from some rather nasty first-degree burns and bring your shades.

Another great accessory is a hat which serves a few purposes shielding you from the rain and the sun and making you look the part

Wellies are a must for the legendary mud-pits that most festivals devolve into, after a few days.

And if it does rain a poncho is a great lightweight alternative to a jacket that can be kept in a bag till needed. Pecho Poncho’s produce a great disposeable version which is biodegradeable so causes no harm to the environment, Get yours now click here 


Memory card

About to capture that special moment where the band sings your favourite song and the “memory full “ message comes up. Avoid memory issues and get a dedicated memory card to capture all your festival memories. Special offers at Memory monster find out more here

The one thing to remember is to have as much fun as possible!!!

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