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Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown: How the beef went down!

Soulja Boy Vs Chris Brown : How the beef went down!

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown got into it on Twitter and its become a full blown war.

So what’s up with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Like most celebrity beefs these days, it all started on social media.

Soulja Boy liked a picture on Karrauche’s Instagram page and her ex Chris Brown, according to Soulja at least, didn’t take too kindly to it.

As we all know Instagram likes to encourage mix up by telling everyone who’s pictures you like

Chris Brown vs Soulja boy
Chris Brown vs Soulja boy
Chris Brown vs Soulja boy

Karruechu even got involved


Chris responds chrsi brown responds to karrucheau

Which then led Chris to challenging him to a celebrity boxing match sanctioned by none other than professional boxer/troll Adrien Broner:

Things then exploded when it seemed like Soulja was robbed of his phone on IG Live:

But another angle shows that Soulja boy was ready to back it

Most recently Soulja seemed to have backtracked somewhat although the fight does seem to be going ahead.  Watch this space….

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