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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review, Should you get it? - Good Nights Out
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  • 11th March, 2016 | 2190 views

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review, Should you get it?


At first glance the new Samsung galaxy S7 edge doesn’t look that much different from its predecessor, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the design revolution that made the S6 edge a serious rival for the iPhone was a masterstroke by Samsung.

So the S7 edge continues to have a premium metallic feel. Gone is the plastic used on Samsung phones before. The S7 edge also has a larger screen which gives it a bigger differential to the 5.1 inch S7 than the S6 and S6 edge had which were the same size. In effect Samsung seem to have done away with the plus tag.

Closer up you do see some slight tweaks too , feel the new phone in your hand, and you’ll see it’s subtly different. The back of the phone is gently curved now, to match the front. This gives a phone that feels amazing in your hand, totally manageable for a phone with a massive 5.5 inch display. These are all very good things in something you’re likely to be handling all day. The curves also make it smaller than the iPhone 5.5 equivalent the 6S

A Parrot AR Drone 2.0 is seen flying during a demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013, in Las Vegas. The drone has a built in camera and can be controlled with a smart phone. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Other tweaks include an always on display which shows the time like the back in the day Nokia which means your not turning your phone on and off just to check it which although subtle is very useful.

Last year’s S6 edge introduced us to the idea that the edge of the screen could work separately to the main part. So that you could set it to notify you when a favourite contact was messaging or call you, and you could see they were calling even if the phone was face down, in an important meeting, say.

This time around, the edge screen does more, with extra apps functions on the side and a welcome return to the edge ruler which appeared first on the Samsung Galaxy Note edge. The sloping side means you can get a measurement more conveniently than on a regular phone.

Swipe from the side (left or right, you choose which is the active edge) and two columns of apps appear, with a range of options now and more apps to follow. It’s a very handy way to get to favourite items.


The two big pluses for the S7 edge over the S6 edge are features available on S5 model which had been dropped.

Samsung has resurrected two features from the S5, with a microSD slot and dust and water resistance both appearing on the Galaxy S7. The microSD port shares a tray with your nanoSIM, which can be slid out of the top of the handset.

This lets you build on the 32GB of internal storage by up to a further 200GB, giving you plenty of space and makes your phone water resistant. The IP68 water resistance has improved from the S5, allowing submersion of up to five feet for 30 minutes.


One of the main things we want from our phone is pictures the S7 doesn’t disappoint despite having less Megapixels with 12MP the camera has more efficient pixels. These pixels are bigger, so better at sucking in light which is especially handy if available light is low. The result is a fast, impressive snapper that launches quickly just by double-pressing the home button. It also similar to the iPhone uses the display as a flash to improve on your selfie taking.

Battery life is excellent, way better than on the admittedly disappointing S6 edge . It’ll get you through a full day with ease, though as usual the caveat that nightly charges are needed still applies.



So to sum it up the Galaxy S7 edge is a great phone, probably the best on the market. The Samsung has kept with what was winning on the S6 and added what was missing ie expandable memory and water resistance. If you can wait to see what the iPhone 7 offers before making a decision then we would suggest that as theres not enough advancement to make a purchase just yet!

Well unless you want a free Gear VR which is actually amazing and probably the main reason why we would get an S7 now.

The Gear VR is Samsung’s wearable that you strap around your head. Thanks to an accelerometer and gyroscope, it knows how you are tilting or moving your head so your view of the VR world changes as you roll or turn your head up, down, side to side or swivel around entirely. You control the UI and apps by using your gaze, tapping and swiping on the touchpad or connecting a Bluetooth controller. Playing on a swivel chair or standing up often means a better overall experience.

Powered by Oculus on a Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 /S7/ S7Edge, S6 Edge+ or Galaxy Note 5, with not one but two app stores, you can transport yourself to 3D, CG animated worlds and 180 or 360 degree live action scenes. And it’s not all games. Some VR creations are meant to be experienced simply by looking around a scene.

It’s immersive, sure, and that’s the buzzword but you won’t just be immersed by the images and audio, you’ll feel like you’re really there. If you find yourself at the edge of a rock in us two’s  Gear VR Land’s End, you’ll get a bit of vertigo, it’s that powerful. In short, it’s magic.

As the Gear VR only works with a mobile phone giving it away with the new S7 was a masterstroke by Samsung and we are absolutely loving in the office at the moment. Available Free on pre orders from selected outlets,

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