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Rihanna's new Album Anti sells less than 1000 copies - Good Nights Out
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  • 4th February, 2016 | 1346 views

Rihanna’s new Album Anti sells less than 1000 copies

Did Anti Rihanna’s new album flop?

Official sources are claiming that Rihanna has sold less than 1000 albums in her first week!!!!

After almost 3 years since her last album and many teasers from Rhi Rhi herself the eagerly anticipated “Anti” was apparently accidently dropped on us last week.

On 25 January she tweeted a picture with the tag “listening to ANTI” followed, for some reason, by a balloon emoji. The anticipation was building for a 29 January release but then the wheels came off two days early. Anti suddenly appeared on Tidal, the streaming music subscription service she has a stake in and acts as a celebrity ambassador for. Except it wasn’t supposed to.

Tidal initially blamed a “system error” and pulled it, trying to laugh it off. Rihanna then decided to make it available to download for FREE. Everyone is blaming each other from Universal the parent record company to Roc Nation Rihanna’s label to Tidal. Bottom line either this was marketing genius or one big F**K up.

So back to sales as a traditional counts go because Rihanna’s album has been available on streaming services and only recently iTunes, Actual sales of the album have been more. Some sources quoting 492 copies!!! Physical copies go on sale on Friday.

But don’t think the Bajan Princess is out of pocket she had already signed a deal with Samsung worth 25 million pounds which is similar to Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail deal.

Future sales and ultimately Album tours will show whether we have finally had enough of Rihanna or is she still Queen of Pop.

What do you think of the album?

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