Rihanna replies to the idiots calling her fat (plus bts at her new video shoot!)

So RiRi has gained a little weight… WHO CARES? SHE STILL LOOKS FIRE!!

Well apparently some idiot sports blogger in the US decided to write a blog about Rihanna getting ‘fat’ recently after she posted in this outfit… (along with some other papped shots where she looks more curvy than normal).



rihanna outfit

A blogger at ‘BarStool Sports’ decided to write a blog titled ‘Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?’


Errm…. fat where please?

rihanna tweet

As you can imagine – the social media world of women, fans and NORMAL PEOPLE went nuts. Subsequently the blog has been removed and the writer suspended. BUT RiRi’s response was just brilliant. She took to instagram and posted this Gucci Mane meme with just a crying emoji as the caption. LOLs…



Followed by some behind the scenes shots taken in Miami this weekend where she was recording a new video Rocking the floral Balenciaga bottoms and see through top… she looks BANGING.


rihanna 2
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