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Remy Ma Another one - Second Nicki Diss track - Good Nights Out
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  • 3rd March, 2017 | 1622 views

Remy Ma Another one – Second Nicki Diss track

Remy Ma Another One. Nicki Minaj is taking some Meek Mill type L’s after getting another diss track aimed to her in days with no response. The track released in the early hours mirrors Drake’s shot at Meek Mill with Back 2 Back and has a similar flow.

Remy hits hard once again following on from Shether

“Waited four days, ma, where you been?/ I came here in the ‘rari playin’ Lil’ Kim/ Don’t know what made you think that you could fuck with Rem/ But I guess this is what I gotta do to make ya spit.”

She also implies she may have some incriminating material of Minaj when she raps, “Bet you wonderin’ how I know your problems?/ It’s a lot of people that you really bothered/ They was selling footage and you know I bought it.”

Hear the track below


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