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No matter what, Bill Cosby will stay RICH as hell... - Good Nights Out

No matter what, Bill Cosby will stay RICH as hell…

As the Cosby sexual assault case hits Day 4 in The US, we take a look at the fact that Cosby’s wealth will not change no matter the outcome. Is this fair?

At one point Cosby was worth $500 million; we all know that money is not just money; it’s power, it’s privacy, it’s the means by which these super rich guys are able to hide all of their wrong doings and take no accountability, and even when caught – seem to be able to get off (think OJ for example)

Cosby’s wealth created the level of power and trust he enjoyed in places like the William Morris Agency and Temple University, where he met the accusers: Kelly Johnson and Andrea Constand.

Here’s where the richness was used to finesse these younger women… Cosby charmed his way into these women’s heads and lives using money to gain their trust and their friendship. He offered one of them  professional introductions to help her make a career change. His resources and contacts were infinite.

A reporter sat in the courtroom said that you can almost ‘feel the wealth around him’. Will there ever be a completely fair trial for a man of such power and extreme wealth?

If you haven’t read much into this, there is a recorded phone call in which Constand and her mother are confronting him about having sexually assaulted her. This phone call is not in dispute, by the way. He told her and her mother that he thought he’d “helped her get an orgasm.” GROSS by the way.

He apologized and offered to pay for Constand’s graduate studies.

Cosby’s wealth is everything in this story. It’s why everything happened, and why everything is happening.

And win or lose, Cosby will remain very rich, insulated, surrounded by people who admire and agree with him.

He’s definitely lost the love and respect of the public but will he care?

What do you think guys and girls? Stay tuned for the case outcome!


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