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Future & The Weeknd: 'Comin out Strong' video shoot - Good Nights Out

Future & The Weeknd: ‘Comin out Strong’ video shoot


After seeing a short preview on Future’s instagram a few weeks back, we’ve been patiently waiting / getting gassed about the release of the full vid for ‘Comin Out Strong’ ever since..

Well here it is… featuing classic horror movie-esque credits announcing Future and Abel as the stars of a vid that could almost double as a short film.

I love it!

They’re in an abandoned subway, and in the the visual we see slightly haunting baddies, some guys wearing black and white ninja masks and the mid-sized entourage of the two legends. I’m still trying to work everything else out to be honest but I do know one thing; Future’s jacket is LIT lol

The video for “Comin Out Strong” premiered exclusively through Apple Music, so if you don’t have the service, you won’t be able to peep anything more than a preview. With that said, we don’t imagine it will be too long before it makes its way to YouTube.

Here’s a snap that Future posted and a couple of pics. Unfortunately to see the full preview vid you will need to be signed up to Apple. Stay tuned for the post of the full vid…


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