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  • 17th December, 2015 | 1865 views

Memory cards from MemoryMonster

Life is about memories. Your goal in life is to make them, our goal as company is to protect them, to save them. So you can just focus on making them, lets us focus on saving them.
Memorymonster.com can provide all your memory needs for your phones, cameras, GoPros and anything else that requires a memory card. Click here sort out your memory
If you want to keep that picture of little Johnny when he first went to school, or your first holiday with your mates, or the time you and your partner spent in romantic streets of Paris.  You need Memory Monster. Click here for some great deals 


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At memory monster we are passionate about making memory memorable. We take the stress out of finding what works for you so you don’t need to be a tech guru to get it right.
Our latest must have product is the OTG reader. Use this own your phone to expand its memory even if your phone doesn’t have an external memory slot.  Just plug straight into your phones USB port.  Our OTG reader offers 3 way connectivity via a microSD card slot, full size USB connection and a micro USB connection meaning you can take HUGE amounts of storage with you tucked away in your pocket.
Use code OTG-GNO to get 15% off when you shop at memorymonster.com.
OTG_2 reader
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