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Mayweather and Rmarni a match made in Cannock - Good Nights Out
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  • 19th February, 2016 | 2459 views

Mayweather and Rmarni a match made in Cannock

He wants a girl from Dudley….apparently
Undefeated Retired Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather picked up a little bit more than a souvenir on his recent visit to the midlands. Mayweather took a shine to 19-year-old New Look worker Rmarni Eliss after meeting her during the  “victory tour” of the UK.

The champ who has an estimated fortune of £450 million pounds couldn’t keep his eyes off the Dudley Shop worker who is normally found in New look. He has now whisked her to the States for an adventure she could of only ever dreamed off.

mayweather rmarni

The stunning Midlander who has an ever popular instagram account has been keeping us informed with playful video and pictures. Rmarni, 19, who is also an aspiring singer, met Mayweather during a personal appearance at the Premier Suite for in Cannock, it was the fans chance to meet the star. Rmarni definitely took that chance she is believed to have paid £600 for the VIP ticket to meet the star.

Pictures show her jumping in to join Floyd in the back of a white Rolls Royce – one of six vehicles that ferried him to the event in the Midlands.

Rmarni and mayweather 4

A world away from her modest living in Dudley eh. Rmarni is out there with her sister and is definitely having the time of her life. Last night, she shared a photograph of the trio with the caption: ‘Not that deep bruh’.

A Co – worker in Dudley, said was a ‘legend’:  ‘She works at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre branch and she’s apparently very popular, outgoing and really up for a laugh,’ they said.’Nobody can quite believe how she’s managed to do it. She’s a legend.’

It is suggested that this isn’t the first time Rmarni has mingled with celebs as her instagram shows her with X Factor Judge Rita Ora, RnB hottie Trey Songz and Omarion.

We wish Rmarni the best of luck and she definitely has put Dudley and the West Midlands on the map.

Be Safe and Have fun girl.


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