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Luther is back - Season 4 - Good Nights Out
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  • 15th December, 2015 | 1972 views

Luther is back – Season 4

After a supposed ‘final’ third series, Idris Elba’s hit show is back for a two-part special and it’s as dark and gripping as ever.

Here’s what you need to know about Luther’s magnificent return

1) It’s still really damn scary

Luther succeeds by being many things – it’s a cop drama, it’s a playground for Idris Elba’s intimidating screen presence, and it also lands on the horror end of the thriller spectrum.

Still losing sleep over the bit in the last series where the serial killer slithered out from under the bed of one of his unsuspecting victims? Your overactive brain will be glad to know there’s another horrifying murderer on the loose.

The new big bad is an identity-stealing cannibal – Series 4 still has the grimness cranked up to OTT levels.

2) Luther is like London’s Batman

With an outlandish villain on the loose, Hackney needs its dark knight to come and protect it. Cue the detective’s return, tackling his own inner darkness by trying to clean up his beloved city.

Returning grizzled and worn, Luther can’t escape the magnetic pull of a terrifying serial killer, while a personal mission also drags him back into London’s seedy underbelly.

3) You’ll wish it was more than two parts

While previous series of Luther have consisted of at least four hour-long episodes, Series 4 is actually just a two-parter. It’s slightly pacier than previous instalments (a big character moment at the 40 minute mark would likely have been an end-of-episode-one cliffhanger if the series was longer), but it’s still the show you know and love.

The real problem is that by the end of the excellent first episode, you’ll be itching for the second – before dreading the thought that it could be the end for the character.

Currently there’s no confirmation over whether Elba’s detective will return. Never say never though – it was unlikely that Series 4 would happen, and voila.


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