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Lauryn Hill does she still have the EX Factor?

Lauryn Hill does she still have the X Factor?

When Lauryn hills Debut Album Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out in 1998 the world was amazed by this young ladies talent, soul and uniqueness


The album was born out of the dismemberment of the all conquering Fugees  and a fraught relationship between Lauryn and Wyclef her ex bandmate and its been 20 year since it took award after award on the music scene.


This tour was indeed the 20th anniversary and was supposed to be a huge celebration of the album but there has been some less than favourable reviews from across the pond (cancellations, lateness, challenging reworkings of the songs).  This fuel was added to by a less than impressive performance at the initial European dates in germany and France.


Lauryn has been dogged by rumours all her career from being moody and a Real Diva to an unfavourable outlook on white people all of which were unproven.  What we do know is that Ms Hill loves her black people and is not afraid to say that clearly stating that this doesn’t mean she doesn’t like white people as claimed. We also know that she didn’t want to be torn up by the industry which is so savage and cruel and decided to do things her way.  This is what adds to the legend of Lauryn a true soul rebel that has had a journey and a story to tell, even doing time for tax evasion.  This is what made the anticipation even more exciting.

On stage in Birmingham Lauryn looked great and she definitely is the epitome of Black doesn’t crack. Her short hair was  offset with a sparkly fascinator, orange eyeshadow, a shiny, oversized mackintosh that glows electric blue in the lights, burgundy jumper, grey culottes, gold platform heels

Ms Hill rattled through her repertoire and yes although a lot reworked If you appreciate good music you wasn’t going to be disappointed. Kicking off with the Lost Ones, the swaggering album opener, where Hill proves from the off that she can still rap as good as anyone out there right now. Favourites such as EX Factor which is supposed to be about Wyclef is still an amazing song



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Dabbing away tears she put in an emotionally-charged performance of To Zion, the track written for her first-born son to Rohan Marley, who was attributed to helping inspire the album.

The crowd stayed well-past curfew for the penultimate track, an uplifting performance of her most well-known song Doo Wop (That Thing).

It was a great bonus to hear Her finale cover of the Fugees hit Killing Me Softly was beautiful.


This was a good concert from a great performer who we haven’t seen or heard enough of.  We definitely hopt to see her again soon.

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