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Kanye, Asap or Miguel in THAT Jacket, Who does it Better? - Good Nights Out

Kanye, Asap or Miguel in THAT Jacket, Who does it Better?

Battle of the celebs !!!
Ladies and gents it’s fair to say there’s quite a few eye kandy  celebs in the industry but it means nothing if there’s no…. PASSION in the FASHION!! Now here we have three legendary superstars wearing the same jacket but the question is who rocks it better?……… We are unaware who had it first but what we can confirm is that it’s really  popular. Now on the far left we have Miguel, who’s gone for the messy scarf look complimented with cool sunglasses and the white plain t shirt…. (not bad at all).
In the middle we have Asap rocky who has also decided to add a scarf but seems to wear it alot neater than MIguel, he also decided to tuck in his white t shirt  (not sure if that was the best decision) but ….yeah there you have it .
Or we can go for Mr Kayne West  who seems to wear the jacket casual but classy he isn’t  overly trying to make it look good we also enjoy the fact he left his scarf at home, white t shirt, skinny Jeans it’s right to say he is the fashion guru but the million dollar question is who do you think rocks it best?……….
Source : Rena sparks (Entrepreneur  and Hot 92 DJ)
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