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Drake Vs Joe Budden : the latest - Good Nights Out

Drake Vs Joe Budden : the latest

The ongoing Drake and Joe Budden beef has gone up a notch. This time, the rap feud includes the fans.

On Sunday (Jul. 24), two OVO fans ran up on Budden while he was in his vehicle. They filmed the encounter, as Joey got out of his car and appeared to chase them on foot in an ordeal that would only continue from there.

Later, the two guys returned to Joe’s house, yelling insults and Drizzy’s “ No Shopping” lyrics. Once again, the chase was on, this time in a car.

Budden filmed his end of the pursuit before cornering the guys and threatening them. “Come on this fucking block again, and I’ma hurt one of you ni**as,” he said while knocking on their car windows with rocks. “This is not the Internet. I will kill one of you.”



This comes after last weeks call out by Drake On during the second stop of his Summer Sixteen Tour with Future Drake took a brief moment to call Joe Budden — by name.

“I should have brought Joe Budden up here and let him do ‘Pump It Up’ one time tonight,” Aubrey said onstage in Dallas. “Pump, pump, pump it up. Fuck them n—as

Budden catching wind of the comments, responded Friday morning on Twitter, then deleted it: “He want attention lol.”

Drake’s comment’s come after a few rounds of jabs between the two — but this was his first time mentioning Budden by name.

Joe criticized Drake’s Views on his podcast in April — stressing that he expected better from Drake because he’s such an incredible artist — then got on the defensive when he saw a clip of Aubrey and French Montana in the studio, with a snippet of Drake rapping, “Pump, pump, pump it up” in the background. Budden took that as a sign that the Young Money rapper was locking in to respond. Before that song, “No Shopping,” even dropped, though, following perceived slights on Drake’s “4PM in Calabasas,” Joey fired off two diss tracks “Making a murdere” and “Wake” .Then he even wrote a letter on instagram. After “No Shopping” hit and it sounded a lot like Drake was taking aim at Joe he dropped a third.

Drake very rarely mentions any rivals by name, but Budden’s continued jabs were enough to bring him out of his shell.

Drake has used each of the first two nights of his Summer Sixteen Tour to address adversaries, with some subliminals at Tory Lanez and Tyga on the opening night preceding the Budden jab. There are dozens of dates left on the tour, and Joe seems to have plenty of ammo in the chamber, so it seems like a safe bet that this one isn’t over yet.

The Podcast that started it all…..

Subliminal shots fired by Drake 4pm in Calabasas

Joe’s response comes in the form of this 6 minute scorcher in which he dismantles Drake from top to bottom with “Making A Murderer (Part 1).” The track included the following lines by Budden:

“My words ain’t ghostwritten I ain’t Drake
That’s all gimmick I’m authentic I ain’t Drake
Ain’t nothing wrong with it, only saying I ain’t fake.”

Joes 2nd diss track

Drake hits out on No Shopping

Budden quickly responded with 3rd diss track “Afraid,” which samples Drake’s “The Resistance” from Drake’s debut album Thank Me Later.

Budden responds to Drake mocking him on tour

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