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Creed : The Review - Good Nights Out
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  • 21st January, 2016 | 1745 views

Creed : The Review

Not since the days of Barry Mcguigan, Bruno and Lewis has boxing been at the forfront or British minds with a Heavy weight Champion Tyson Fury and exciting new talents like Anthony Joshua all making waves in the ring,

With that in mind Creed the latest in the Rocky films probably comes at the perfect time for fight fans and normal film goers alike.

The film picks up the plot with the story of Apollo Creeds illegitimate son, Adonnis “Creed” Johnson never knew his Dad Rocky’s famous nemesis of the first 4 movies but still ended up with his fighting blood.


The first half plods along at a reasonable pace with a lot of character building scenes and with a lot of references to the old movies will keep Rocky fans happy but the real beauty of this film is that once the action kicks in and Adonnis begins his path to become a professional fighter. Rocky historian or not the film will grip you with great fight scenes and drama that ensure you feel every punch training session and extreme emotion of a boxer.

The film definitely brings the boxing Freanchise to a new set of fans and we are sure that there will be a sequel.

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