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Chris Rock Total Blackout : Review of the Birmingham show

Chris Rock Total Blackout : Review of the Birmingham show

Chris Rock Total Blackout came to the Arena Birmingham this week for huge stand up comedy show that was hailed as his most reflective of his career.  Some even said too reflective in the early stages of the tour.

Chris deals with his 2016 divorce  The reason he is in Birmingham on a winters day), his cheating and somewhat a repentance of his sins.  But from then on he goes into a journey of comedic commentary that we are used to with Chris giving his own unique standpoint on bullying (we really need it ), Police shooting white people and much more topical jokes that kept the crowd howling with laughter.

He even found time give a whole section to Handsworth where he likened it to travelling through dangerous streets of Kingston to get to your hotel, and telling unwanted people to keep their hands to themselves work.  Just think if someone took him to Newtown.

Even the support acts were good from  the controversial Michelle Wolf to the Roastmaster Jess who managed to get someone to run full pace off stage and absolutely ripped the lady with the pink hair who he likened to a character from a Halloween Movie.

Back to Chris who gave a deep insight into his new family life with his very honest children who take joy in pointing out other peoples issues.  Sounds like they have a glowing career in stand up ahead of them.

Overall a fantastic show and fitting for one of the true legends of comedy. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time we see Chris on the road.  Total Blackout gets up thumbs up from us the tour finishes on the 28th January at the 02 London.  For information on the next big comedy show in Birmingham Venus Vs Mars : Battle of the Sexes Click here

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