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Chris Brown Rants as girl calls police to his home

Chris Brown rants as girl calls police to his home

Chris Brown couldn’t leave Rihanna and Drake to have the limelight on their own. After the endearing speech dedicating his love to Rihanna it seemed inevitable that Chris would come up with something but nobody expected this.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning police were called to Chris Brown’s house due to a disturbance.

The woman who called the cops on Chris Brown stated that the singer pulled a gun on her because she was admiring a piece of jewellery.

Baylee Curran a frequent visitor of the house had partied with Chris in the past and he was always nice, but this time he appeared to be out of it on drugs or alcohol.

She says she came to his house with a friend, spent a little time in the hot tub, and then walked back inside where a member of Chris’ crew was displaying a piece of jewellery. Baylee says when she admired it the guy went crazy, and then Chris followed suit by demanding she “get the f*** out” and pointed a gun at her.

She went on to say that the security wouldn’t let her leave till she signed a non-disclosure agreement. She refused to sign, and she and her friend left.

Baylee a Miss California Regional 2016, called 911 and that which started the issues with Chris.

The incident had been going on for 9 hours with Chris and his entourage including Ray J being holed up within his $4 million pound southern Californian mansion. Reports suggest that search warrants have been served and the singer is preparing to leave the home. Authorities would not say if they found a weapon on the property and would not comment on the accusation that the singer threw a bag out of a window with a gun and drugs inside.

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