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Chip Vs Yungen - All the tracks so far... - Good Nights Out
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  • 22nd February, 2016 | 21983 views

Chip Vs Yungen – All the tracks so far…

The man who doesn’t run out of bars is at again. Chipmunk’s every other record seems to be a diss one as he gets into it with Yungen this time round.

So where did it start well Chip mentioned newcomer mobo nomination on a track called 96 bars of revenge where he states “Some of your  newcomers aint new. So if your gonna nominate Yungen. Big up but nominate Sneakbo too” more of a note on the Mobos than Yungen.

However Yungen took offence to this and must have been stewing on it for some time. 3 months later after signing with Krep and Konan play dirty label Yungen comes out with Comfy with references to Chip’s lyrics.  “Yo, man wanna talk about me at the MOBOs like i aint heard it.  Man wanna talk about my nomination like i don’t deserve it. Man wanna bring me down, I know man was happy with the verdict.”

This has led to full blown beef with Chip bringing out one take Freestyle and Michelle Riddim in between a fiery retort from Yungen called Punk and his latest “Oopsy Daisy”.

Watch the first the beef unfold below

The diss track video’s

Chipmunk’s One take Freestyle

Yungen’s Reply “Punk”

And Chip’s back again “Michelle riddim”

The latest diss from Yungen “Oopsy Daisy”

Chipmunk brings “L” for Yungen

Some hard tracks . Who do you thinks won?

Chip has released a new video but it’s not really a diss track and Yungen’s video were removed and then put back up.  Still waiting for Yungen to reply though

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