Blue Ivy Milli Rocks for Mum Beyoncé…

This is too cute…

Five year old Blue gets down for Grandma Tina and Mama Bey showing off her excellently timed moves (as if we expected anything less) to The Execs ‘Just Do It’


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Workkkkk #blueivy

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So at first you watch it and think ohhh how cute, then you think, hang on, where did this video even come from?

There’s no way Bey or Jay released this themselves which means sadly, that a member of this intimate group did.

I guess this is the life the Carter’s have to know. The interest in their hugely private lives will always be there, for them and their children.

P.S did you guys hear Blue’s bars on the bonus track of 4:44? Now THAT is talent…

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